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This page is dedicated to those looking for solutions in order to reach their goals as amateur athletes or professional athletes. And also to coaches who also have to deal with their own performances based on the athletes they are coaching.

I guide both of them to emancipate themselves from mental slavery in a way that allows them to let go their social and cultural constraints inherent to their personal history and sport. I offer approaches to address most challenges that an athlete may face during his/her career. Solutions to deal with traumas and/or under-performing.

About the performance please note that contrary to widespread assumptions, performances do not start on the mental level. If it was as simple as that it would be a matter of changing your thoughts to be set for the first step of the podium. All of this because it has started on the physiological and cellular level of your body. Not in your mind.

Please visit “STEP®” page for more details about the two cutting-edge techniques I am using with athletes:

Athletes who benefit from working with me:

  • Any injured athlete: especially if you have repeated injuries. The recovery time is reduced getting you back playing sooner and free from the fear of re-injury.
  • Past injuries that are holding you back: they need to be healed on the cellular level in order to stop the cycle of injuries so you can return to your pre-injury level of play.
  • Loss of range of motion: according to the injury, and in most cases, a recovery in the range of motion is possible.
  • Underperforming: athletes who are not performing to their fullest potential. Once these issues are cleared, this allows you to improve stats, regain focus and confidence, and reduce injuries.
  • No apparent weaknesses but could play better: athletes who have a high potential but aren’t improving. Once these issues are cleared, you can finally play at your true potential.
  • Active recovery: session in Somatic-psychoeducation helps to eliminate acid lactic and to restore the functions of  the fascias.
  • Injury prevention: aponevrosis (muscles, tendons, ligaments) and osteoarticular system benefit from the actions of the Somatic-psychoeducation.

My work is a powerful and effective addition to regular coaching, strength and conditioning, good nutrition, medical care and paramedical care or any other modality that adds to your performance.

The first step is a free performance evaluation by phone to discuss the issues you are interested in resolving. I will ask questions for clarification and make sure I can truly help you and that we are a good fit for one another before I accept you as a new client. I will also share with you some information about what I do, how I work, and answer any questions you may have. Based on what I learn during the evaluation, I will recommend the appropriate session program for the issues you are seeking to resolve.

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Christian Fimiak has a personal athlete experience gained in competing in American Boxing. Nowadays, he practices Stand Up Paddle, mountain hiking, cross-country skiing. He combines his personal experience as an athlete and the cutting-edge techniques he uses as a practitioner. Christian holds a university degree in Somatic-psychoeducation and is trained as an EFT practitioner.