You are motivated. You are concerned by environmental issues. You have a project about that. It may concern your community, your country. It could be a personal project or a school/community project.

You are participating to one of our programme. You have demonstrated that you are motivated, dynamic, able to make safe decision in your own, dedicated to environmental issues and wildlife preservation. Able to endure and overcome physical and psychological challenges. And not the least that you are enthusiastic, then read this:

As agreed and proposed by Mike Horn, we are proud to announce the following to all Challengers to our programmes: Pathfinder Challenge will issue a letter of recommendation to Mike Horn’s Young Explorer Programme. In order to get this letter, there are some pre-requisites. All interested Challengers shall:

  1. Be fluent in English
  2. Be between the ages of 15 and 20 years old
  3. Check on http://www.mikehorn.com/en/yep/how-to-apply/ . Take your time to read the pages;
  4. Join “Mike Horn Community” at pangea-yep.com and create your own profile;
  5. Complete the Young Explorer Programme online application;
  6. When you register with us, please identify yourself as a candidate to the Young Explorer Programme. Contact Christian Fimiak, our Operations Director at: ops@pathfinder-challenge.com . You will receive a short questionnaire to return prior your participation to our programme.

Our selection for recommendation:

  1. Be a participant to one of our programmes;
  2. Get a environmental project;
  3. No experience is required;
  4. There is no ultimate candidate;
  5. Our programmes remain the same. We do not judge you. It is just an assessment about your skills, abilities and the unseen potentials you do have and you are not aware of yet.

Be a Pathfinder for our planet and participate to a challenge at human scale. Lead the way for a possible future. Learn, then promote and teach others to show respect and to understand our interconnectivity to Nature in all our daily behaviours.