Two modules compose our Model United Nations programme:

  1. Peace Consolidation: This module allows each participant to understand the different aspects involved in a Peace Process and to  elaborate all required actions to be taken into consideration for this aim. This course is taught by a French Diplomat who has a wide range of experience as a negotiator in the field of multilateral diplomacy. He is also a personal trainer for diplomats and officier in International Security. You will also learn on to communicate with the medias from an official point of view.
  2. Nonviolent Communication: This module is an add-on training. Each participant will realize the importance of the words and also the non-verbal communication involved in the relation with the others. The content of this course is taught by a Nonviolent Communication specialist working in the fiel of Participative Governance. He will share with you how his knowledge to improve the collaborative processes among your team with the aim of conflict solving.

This programmes provides hands-on learning experience through our workshops. On a personal level, the content of these courses is an added valued for each student who could invest it in his/her daily relations.

Our M.U.N. programme is suitable for Residential Project.

Length: 5 jours

Accommodations: Hotel or camping

It is possible to extend this module with some sport activities

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